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The Galaxy S8 must be the hottest phone on the market right now, however, Apple is all ready to storm the market this year(hopefully) and just storm the market with its new artistic looking iPhone as disclosed in the schematics.

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It didn’t make for the sleekest looking design on the side of Apple, but it will certainly turn heads.Numerous leaks have suggested that Apple will do away with the physical home button and embed a home button in the screen itself which is extremely unlikely but newer schematics circulating on the web suggest that the home button would now be on the back of the phone which is a big move for Apple.


The schematics also reveal that the camera on the newer iPhone would be vertical.This iPhone is also going for a glass back, opening the possibility of wireless charging and an OLED screen.




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Another famous leaker Benjamin Geskin tweets a picture of the new iPhone, which appears to be a Dummy unit.The OLED screen is not curved like the S8, but it is enough to make the transition from the screen to metal bezels and the back of the glass, seamless.

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Of course, there’s no guarantee the original schematics are indicative of Apple’s final design, so this latest render shouldn’t worry fans of streamlined smartphone designs too much.

Apple is said to have been putting various prototypes to test, so even if the schematics are accurate, they could refer to just one of many designs Apple is considering.

Hopefully, Apple will release the iPhone later this year, and at this point, nothing is confirmed, so stay tuned for the rest.